How long do carving products stay fresh?

Small carved vegetables stay fresh about 5-10 hours. Big carved fruits look good 2-3 days. If you wrap a wet cloth around small vegetables and keep them in refrigerator over night, they last for about one day. Big carved fruits last about 4 days if you treat them similarly.

How much do the carved fruits and vegetables cost?

Price depends on the size of the purchase: how many products are involved and what kind of products they are? The price of one carved product starts from 30 euros up. We are happy to give you an offer.

Where can one get carved products?

You can order products using email on Fruit Garden home page. Before you make an order you might want to view the pictures of some of the the products and ask an offer. Means of delivery can be negotiated.

What vegetables and fruits are used in carved products?

Turnips, carrots, beetroots, radish, rutabaga, and some others. Fruits are watermelons, other melons, pumpkins among others.

Can one eat carved vegetables and fruits?

They are not meant to be eaten. However, no chemicals or preservatives are used in the process when they are made. They are sprayed only with clean water and a little vegetable oil.