In some sense women are similar everywhere. When a lady dresses for a party she has fastened a brooch on her dress since Cro-Magnon era, maybe even before that. The brooch of an empress or that of a country woman may differ greatly as to the material and amount of work used for making them, but nevertheless they are as dear to their owners.

Fruit Garden offers an alternative to this charming tradition: carved brooches. They are made from natural material, roots and vegetables. Fruit Garden combines and natural flowers with them. The aim is to get artistic brooches whose colours are appealing.

Because of the material used, they last only for one day. They can’t be transmitted over generations as brooches made form precious metal can. But the short life span only emphasises their closeness to nature where everything is temporary.

The brooches by the Fruit Garden are small and light. They are particularly suitable for events that want to emphasize ecological values. The impact is greater if several people are using ecological brooches.

For example, the solemn nature of a wedding gets a lighter yet positive touch if the bride and the groom wear carved brooches. Below you see examples of Fruit Garden brooches.