Fruit Garden offers other types of carvings as well. There are, for example, Halloween pumpkins, carved animals, and company logos, to mention a few.

Halloween tradition is believed to originate from Celtic harvest festivals that may have pagan roots. Its celebration is observed in a number of countries on 31 October on which day spirits of dead persons are assumed to haunt living people. In the US tradition, pumpkins are carved to symbolize spirits. Often the effect is amplified using candles inside empty fruits. Fruit Garden has made some modest experiments to serve the Halloween tradition.

Traditionally Thai people have carved animal motives as well as flowers. Fruit Garden has made some simple experiments to carve animals, too, often in a humorous spirit. These might serve best for children parties.

The surface of a water melon offers a nice canvas for carving figures or texts. Sometimes our corporate customers have wanted a water melon with their logo carved on it.